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Rental Policies

  • Rental Equipment rental rates begin when you pick up the equipment and will continue until you have returned it.
  • Rental periods
    • Minimum – 4 hour rate available for smaller projects
    • Part day – up to 8 hours
    • Day - 24 hours
    • Week – 7 consecutive days to the same time
    • 4 week – 4 consecutive weeks to the same time
    • Metered – rates for rental equipment with hour meters are based on 8 hours per day, 40 hours per week, and 160 hours per 4 week. Additional use will be charged accordingly.
  • Deposit Required (excluding open account customers)
    • Deposit varies per item. Typical deposits equal the expected rental charge plus tax.
  • Identification
    • A valid driver’s license is required for ALL rentals. Proof of insurance is required for vehicles towing Cendant Equipment Rental trailers.
  • Payment methods
    • Visa, MasterCard, Discover, checks and cash are accepted.
  • Responsibility
    • Customer is responsible for rental items from pickup until returned. All items should be secured and protected from the weather. Additional charges for replacements are made for missing or damaged items.
  • Reservations
    • Call ahead to reserve equipment. 24 notice for cancellations is appreciated.